Ensuring that technology implementations are thoughtfully implemented and equitable.

Your partner in Ethical Technology

As security threats increase in sophistication and complexity, regulatory requirements are constantly evolving and technologies are adopted at an ever growing rate, trying to maintain can mean falling behind. Strengthening your security & compliance program requires foresight into when, where, and how attacks or compliance issues will occur.

Who Are We

Assessed.Intelligence is a full-service Technology and Security consulting organization dedicated to helping you identify and prioritize what matters to decrease risk and evolve your organizations capabilities.

We must ensure that we align and promote technology deployments that benefit society. Organizations must also be certain that they understand the risk associated with these implementations and ensure that they consider all available options; this is critical to maintaining balance and ensuring equitable technology implementations. 

— Joshua Scarpino, D.Sc. —

Research Focused

We participate and contribute to continued research in AI and Cybersecurity

Proprietary Approach

We have researched, developed and published proprietary approaches to discovering and addressing risk

Professional Experience

We have extensive experience in security, technology and risk management