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Pre-Audit Services

Assessed.Intelligence pre-audit services are conducted prior to the actual audit engagement. These services can prepare the organization for the audit process and ensure that the audit is conducted efficiently and effectively. Depending on the type of preaudit services provided Assessed.Intelligence be limited in completing audit that overlap in scope for one year following the completion of pre-audit services.

Benefits of Assessed.Intellicences’s Pre-Audit Services:

Improved efficiency

Preparing in advance for the audit can help to streamline the process and reduce the risk of delays or unexpected issues.

Enhanced accuracy

By identifying potential issues and addressing them in advance, the organization can improve the accuracy and reliability of the financial statements and other information.

Better risk management

A risk assessment and internal control evaluation can help to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, allowing the organization to take steps to mitigate these risks.

Clear communication

Pre-audit services can help to establish clear lines of communication between the organization and the auditor, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives.

Pre-audit services can help your organization to prepare for the audit process and ensure that the audit is conducted in an efficient and effective manner. By engaging in these services, you can improve accuracy and reliability, enhance risk management, and establish clear communication plan. If you’re preparing for an audit, consider engaging in pre-audit services to help ensure a successful outcome.

Ethical AI Gap Assessment

An assessment of your current ethical AI implementation.

Cybersecurity Gap Consultation

An independent audit of your current security program based on defined audit standards and industry frameworks.

Security & Algorithmic Auditing

At Assessed.Intelligence we provide both pre-audit services explained above and Audits. An audit is a systematic and independent examination of an organization’s technology implementation or processes to determine if they are in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and best practices . To ensure a successful audit, it’s important for the organization to be prepared and have the necessary processes and controls in place.

Bias Audit to Meet Regulatory Requirements

An independent evaluation of your organizations AEDT Implementation to ensure alignment with regulatory requirements

Examples include: NY Bias law, Proposed NJ Bias Law

Algorithmic Process Audits

An independent evaluation of your organizations AI processes based on defined audit standards and audit criteria.

Algorithmic Risk Assessments

An assessment of the risks, biases, and impacts associated with the deployment of your organization’s AI.