22 September 2022

Many organizations prioritize goals such as gains and profits, which often require rich data sets, but fail to consider the eventual impact of their data handling methodologies on foundational social justice issues. ISACA’s Collin Beder talks to Josh Scarpino about his recently released article Evaluating Ethical Challenges in AI and ML. Josh discusses issues such as ethical behavior, systemic issues and how to create trusted systems. Collin also asks what is the future for humans in regards to AI. Tune in now!

Listen to the interview with ISACA here: https://www.isaca.org/resources/news-and-trends/isaca-podcast-library/ethical-ai-shifting-the-conversation-left

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To read Evaluating Ethical Challenges in AI and ML, visit: www.isaca.org/evaluating-ethical-challenges-in-ai-and-ml