Organizations often face challenges in adopting appropriate AI governance and practices. The AI risk maturity model is crucial for organizations seeking to understand, assess, and improve their programs and processes. It provides a North Star, guiding organizations in their AI maturity journey and paving the way for continuous improvement 

Fortunately, NIST’s AI RMF provides a comprehensive framework for understanding responsible AI governance, but measuring alignment with the framework can be difficult. That’s where the maturity model questionnaire comes in.

The AI maturity hackathon underscored the importance of a maturity model that aligns with industry-standard frameworks. It also highlighted the need for foundational training and education for individuals involved in the responsible AI ecosystem and raised awareness of the current skill gaps.

Overall, the Hackathon was highly successful in solidifying the need for a Responsible AI Governance Maturity Model and highlighting the need for continued education.

Continued refinement of this model will continue to benefit companies across all sectors and provide a standard approach to understanding the level of maturity within organizations.

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